Maître Jean-Christophe REGA

A public officer serving a local, national and international clientele

Areas of expertise

Jean-Christophe has been appointed notary in 2002 and has been practising in this domain ever since, first in LAGUEPIE (Tarn-et-Garonne – Occitanie) and since 2017 in SAINT-MARTIN-LAGUEPIE (Tarn – Occitanie). In addition to his diploma in notarial practice, he also holds a postgraduate diploma in Family Law delivered by the University LYON-3, and a university diploma of Family Estate Law from the University PARIS ASSAS-II.

In 2013, he obtained a specialization certificate of Private International Law.

Internationally, his entreprises are mainly focused on the United Kingdom, but he is also active in the United States, Australia and Canada for the countries of Common Law ; in Europe, principally the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland ; Morocco in Africa and Japan for Asia.

His guideline is to share his proficiency and expertise in a subtle, tactful and efficient way, offering a personalized service adapted to the needs of each client.

His interest for the international dimension of Private Law led him to accept several roles and carry out various tasks, both alongside the European Parliament for the protection of vulnerable adults on an international level, and when he joined a group of international experts from the European Law Institute (ELI), to draft a European regulation account and proposal for the international protection of vulnerable adults, that was submitted to the Members of the European Parliament in January 2020.

Throughout the drafting work and during the submission, the institutional observers were : the Council of Europe, the European Parliament, the European Commission, the International Hague Conference, and the International Private Law Unit of the Swiss Federal Department of Justice.

As a recurrent speaker at various educational courses and events, his articles are published in several specialist magazines. He is a member of the Management Committee of the European and International Notarial Institute (I.N.E.I) of the High Council of French Notaries.

Me REGA, president of the Second Commission of the 115th French Notaries’ Congress on “International Matters”, took part in the drafting of a collective book, participated in the discussions and deliberations of the congress and submitted legal propositions, some of which were 100% approved by the votes cast during the Congress of June 2019 in Brussels.

He currently is the President of the Working Group within the Council of Notaries of the European Union, working and reflecting on the concept of authentic acts, their nature and circulation within the Union.

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A public officer serving a local, national and international clientele

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