Maître Jean-Christophe REGA

A public officer serving a local, national and international clientele

Family law

Marriage contracts – Change of matrimonial regime – Civil Partnerships – Foreign registered partnerships – Adjustments

If you wish to get married or to conclude a Civil Partnership, Me REGA will be able to advise you in your best interests : the diversity of individual family situations and of the desired outcomes requires adequate counseling which will give you an overview of the different options depending on your own circumstances and decisions.

If the terms of your matrimonial regime no longer conform your current needs, we offer to provide you the best matrimonial strategy, including total or partial change of your regime or other protective measures, ensuring what is best for your own interests and your family’s.

If you are committed in a civil partnership in France or in a foreign registered partnership, we shall investigate together the implications of the laws that apply to your union in order to advise you the fitting approach to your aspirations : determination of laws, change of juristic regime or other choices suiting your expectations, for foreign registered or French civil partnerships.

Separation – Divorce – Property distribution

A divorce frequently involves emotional and juristic hurdles. Based on the understanding of your individual situation, we will provide advice and clarification upon the challenges regarding the nature of your matrimonial regime or of one of the spouse’s investments in common or personal estate.

  • The liquidation of a matrimonial regime in case of divorce.
  • Estimating the amount of funds belonging to one of the spouses after an investment of inherited funds in a common estate.
  • Choosing the type of divorce and handling the ensuing consequences.

Once the sufficiently matured decision to divorce is taken, Me REGA will guide and counsel you in the most ethical way, whilst preserving the balance of interests of each party. He will, with the presence of your lawyers, be an impartial advisor in order to deal with the unbundling of goods in the most serene way, via a transaction if necessary.

Inter vivos gifts – Family Pacts

When and how to pass on one’s estate in a profitable and smart way and at the best cost ?

Nowadays, with the increase of average lifespan, the intergenerational solidarity and the diversity of legal tools for asset management, families are brought to reflect upon and anticipate the civil and fiscal aspects of the transmission of their goods during their lifetime.

In order to handle these genuine concerns, we shall accompany you throughout the organisation of the most suitable procedures to your individual situation and expectations.

Me REGA will help you to find and chose the best tools for the different types of estate transmissions :

  • Ordinary donation, in advance of the share of inheritance or hotchpot
  • Inter vivos distribution of the estate, conjunctive, cumulative or transgenerational
  • Donation with conservation of usufruct, reversible or not
  • Gradual or residual donation

Altogether, our aim is to find the appropriate familial arrangement that will suit you and your descendant’s goals, ensuring perfect juristic safety and a general atmosphere of stability and serenity.

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A public officer serving a local, national and international clientele

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