Maître Jean-Christophe REGA

A public officer serving a local, national and international clientele

Private international law

Real estate investments

  • Sales and acquisitions

  • Assistance for the calculation of added values for non-residents and expatriates.

  • Loans and guarantees

  • Mortgage or other guarantees according to the national legislations, as well as European and international instruments.

  • International taxation and agreements

For the acquisition of your secondary residence or of your next home, to settle in France or abroad, Me REGA will be at your disposal to develop your projects of international scope, in accordance with your personal, familial, matrimonial and patrimonial situation.


Transmission of goods – Inheritance

  • Inheritance and donations
  • Estate planning
  • International succession taxation and taxation agreements

Me REGA’s recognized expertise on an international level enables him to assist his clients in planning for their future by offering the necessary advice and information about international families, international protection of vulnerable individuals, owning worldwide estate, transmission upon death, etc.

In the context of international estate planning and transmission, we can provide guidance :

  • In terms of agreements as to succession defined by the European Regulation n°650/2012 on matters of succession, or by the Hague Conventions between 1985 and 1989,
  • To arrange the concurrence between the law applying to your succession and to your trust.
  • To assert your “professio juris” according to the latest European succession laws, in line with your international estate and in accordance with your ambitions and the national civil and fiscal legislations.


Marriage – Divorce

  • Marriage contract
  • Determination of applicable law to the matrimonial regime or to a divorce


It is important for couples who consider getting married in an international context (different nationalities, common or distinct place(s) of residence abroad) to anticipate the choice of their matrimonial regime.

Me REGA will guide and help couples soon to be married to determine the most fitting marriage regime.

Concluding a marriage contract guarantees a juristic predictability and security, which are even more necessary in international marriages.

You are already a married couple? Jean-Christophe REGA can assist you in a possible change concerning the applicable law or a change of matrimonial regime, depending on the different inheritance and protection strategies, in accordance with the couple’s or the family’s priorities.

Registered Partnerships

(PACS, Civil Partnerships)

  • Conclusion
  • Modification
  • Dissolution


The status of an unmarried opposite or same-sex couple raises several issues sometimes ensuing delicate or difficult consequences : since 29 January 2019, the European Regulation on the estate and inheritance of registered partnerships only applies in about twenty states of the European Union.

When a couple leaves the state where the partnership was registered or their state of residency, the receiving state’s legal system might not recognise their status or meet their expectations.

Me REGA can advise you and offer you his expertise to handle the consequences to your personal situation in an international context.

Thus, these problematics directly involve international couples committed to a, French PACS, a British Civil Partnership, a Belgian contract of legal cohabitation, a Spanish registered partnership (pareja de hecho), (according to the Spanish Autonomous Regional Community), in a German partnership (Lebenspartnerschaftsgesetz (LPartG)), or a Dutch or Swiss partnership.

You and your partner form an unmarried international couple? Me REGA can accompany you in different investment, transmission and mutual protection strategies, according to your personal expectations and goals.

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A public officer serving a local, national and international clientele

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