Maître Jean-Christophe REGA

A public officer serving a local, national and international clientele

Real estate

Do you intend to buy or to sell a property? Our notarial office in SAINT MARTIN-LAGUEPIE is here to accompany you, everywhere in France, from the groundwork and drafting of the sales agreement (or the sales commitment) to the signing of the bill of sale.

These bills can be signed in different ways:

  • Through physical presence at the notarial office or at the client’s home (exceptionally),
  • By power of attorney given to an agent,
  • By remote signature, following the corresponding modalities.

Me REGA and his team will help you step by step in the fulfilment of your projects. For all of the procedures and formalities that can be dealt with in a dematerialized way, we shall systematically prefer remote communication.

In fact, the Notarial Office in SAINT MARTIN-LAGUEPIE has chosen to prioritize digitised communication, thanks to adequate devices allowing electronic signatures, video-conferences, dematerialized notifications, etc.

Throughout the development of your project, update appointments, in person or via digital means – at your convenience – will be set in order to talk through and clarify all of the questions that might concern you, for instance the building’s characteristics, the financing arrangements, taxation related questions, property capital gains, “notarial costs”,…

The notary’s counseling and assistance guarantees you a perfect juristic security.

REGA 13. 81.

A public officer serving a local, national and international clientele

Office 13.

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Quartier La Pomme - 13720 BELCODÈNE

Office 81.

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